Ze mogen wel weten dat ik ziek ben, maar niet zien. Wanneer u heel ziek bent maakt het verlies van uw haar dan nog iets uit? Ja, héél véél, zeggen de vrijwilligers van de Stichting Puik voor Elkaar!

Engelse vertaling

De Stichting Puik voor Elkaar – The ‘Puik voor Elkaar’ Foundation

The Puik voor Elkaar Foundation is a registered Dutch charity that provides quality wigs, free of charge, to all women and girls across the Netherlands that have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and that cannot afford a quality wig.

Today in the Netherlands, a considerable number of women suffering from cancer does still not have the means to buy a proper wig, unfortunately. Consequently, these women have to go through their illness and treatments without owning a wig, whilst practice has shown that a suitable wig can be of important help in this difficult and vulnerable period.

It is the mission of the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation to reach these women and to give them a free quality wig.

The expression ‘Puik voor Elkaar’ has two meanings: Well done! and: Doing one’s very best for each other! The word ‘Puik’ on its own means: top!


Quality wigs are expensive and the Dutch basic health insurance covers only a proportion of the price. As a result, a considerable number of women in the Netherlands are unable to pay the extra amount to obtain a wig.
People sometimes express doubts as to the impact of losing one’s hair and the importance of having or not having a suitable wig whilst being so ill and fighting a life-threatening disease. But the volunteers of the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation know from experience how much this matters!
The volunteers find it unacceptable that some women, suffering from cancer, are denied a suitable wig, simply because they cannot afford one.
The Puik voor Elkaar Foundation intends to give as many women as possible a free wig in the Netherlands. That is our mission and that is what we strive to achieve!

Who is eligible to receive a free wig from the Foundation?

Are you about to undergo cancer treatment and at risk of losing your hair as a result of chemo - or radiation therapy? Does your health insurance only cover part of the cost of a wig and you have difficulty paying the remaining amount? You can then apply with the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation for a free wig.
The target group of the Foundation consists of people whose health insurance does not fully cover the price of a wig and who cannot afford to pay the remaining amount.

How does it work?

The application is done via de website. The application is handled by the selection committee. A member of the committee will contact the applicant within five working days. This is the moment the selection procedure begins. Once the application has been approved, and the person is selected to receive a free wig, the selected person is referred to one of certified professional hair salons that have been designated by the Foundation. The hair salon charges the applicant’s insurance directly and receives the reimbursement from the partial cover of the cost of a wig. The Foundation will pay the rest of the amount to the hair salon. If there is a charge by the insurance for ‘own risk’, the Foundation will also pay this.
In short: the wig is thus completely free for all selected persons.

The wigs

The Foundation donates high quality wigs.
What may the target group expect?
The wigs that are donated by the Foundation are of a good quality and made from high-quality materials. The collection has been especially selected for the target group and it consist of many different brands, colours, models and sizes.
The wigs have all been fitted with a monofillement: a fine-meshed gauze, on which the hairs have been knotted by hand, in order to achieve a natural looking hairline. As a result, the wigs have a completely natural appearance, look and feel and are almost undistinguishable from real hair.
The wigs have all been tailored with an invisible edge which makes it possible to wear the wig in strong winds and rain without any problem.

The hair consultants

The designated and certified hair salons that provide the wigs have all been selected by the Foundation for their long-term experience, knowledgeability and professionalism.
Together with the client, the hair consultants make a choice that is based on the personal style and the individual needs of the client. The wig comes in a tailor-made size which ensures wearing comfort at all times.
The hair consultants work in hair salons based in 12 locations in the Netherlands but, in addition, all hair consultants provide ambulatory care. Clients that are unable to come to the salon, can thus be visited at home or in the hospital.

How can you help us?

Every year, the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation gives free wigs to many tens of women that suffer from cancer. Women who lose their hair as a result of chemo and/or radiation therapy and are unable to afford a suitable wig. Without your help, the Foundation is not able to do this. It is as simple as that.

May we count on your support?
There are many ways you can help! Your support could take the form of a one-off donation; an authorisation for regular donations thereby becoming a friend; you could place a money box in your shop, restaurant or canteen; you could become sponsor…. Please check the following pages for the possibilities to support our cause.

Action for the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation

Are you thinking of organising an event and are you still looking for a charity to support? The Puik voor Elkaar Foundation is the perfect charity for this occasion. We would be delighted with your initiative that would enable us to help more women that suffer from cancer with a beautiful wig.
We can help you think about the organisation of your initiative and how to include the charity element. We have the perfect promotional material available to give your event a charitable flavour!
Are you interested? Please contact us via sponsoring@puikvoorelkaar.nl

The Foundation’s Business Club: de Puike Zakenclub

The Puik voor Elkaar Foundation has founded a business club called the Puike Zakenclub. This business club, with its regular social meetings and events, is meant for businessmen and women with a heart for our charity. The invitees are sponsors of our Foundation, participants in one or several of our events and/or contributors to our cause in one way or another. The business club is a means for the Foundation to meet these wonderful people and thank them for the wonderful support we receive!

Membership of the business club is free of charge. We will use the opportunity to briefly discuss some issues and to tell you about the progress of our foundation. We will tell you about the oncoming events in our agenda and we will inform you on the achievements and the ongoing affairs of the Foundation. You will be able to meet the other business club members, talk to our volunteers, recognisable by their coloured outfits, and we may discuss sponsoring options and the ways in which you may be able to contribute to our beautiful cause. Are you an entrepreneur, director or manager? Are you socially aware and sympathetic to our cause? Then you are most welcome to join our club!

Would you like to visit our next business club meeting? Please mail us at: zaak@puikvoorelkaar.nl
The foundation’s business club looks forward to welcoming you!

Become a ‘friend’of the Puik voor Elkaar Foundation

Friends make life more fun! Friends can also make life just that little bit better for those who are fighting cancer and, on top of that, are losing their hair.

The Puik voor Elkaar Foundation is completely dependent on gifts and donations. To secure a steady progress in fulfilling our mission, it is extremely important that we receive donations on a regular basis. We are therefore looking for friends of our Foundation. Friends that bring their friends with them because, with a lot of friends, life is better for everyone and with the help of friends, the Foundation can help more women.
With you as a friend, we can continue to give beautiful wigs to people who are going through a very hard time. By giving them a wig, we can give them back a little piece of their identity.
You can become a friend for as little as 25 euro a year!
You can also help us gathering more friends by organising a lunch for our foundation. If you send a mail to vriend@puikvoorelkaar.nl we will send you a package with information and promotion materials.

Place a money box in your shop, restaurant or office…

You could help our foundation by placing a money box at your business premises or in the organisation you work for. This provides your visitors with the opportunity to donate spare change to our charity. Every contribution is highly appreciated!
We also provide money boxes to companies and private persons for placement at special occasions. One could think of a birthday, a company party, a reception or a trade fair.

How does it work?

We take care of the placing of the money box and we will regularly stop by to collect and replace it. Each time we will let you know how much money was collected at your premises. At your request, we will place your company logo on our website to inform viewers of the fact that you are supporting our foundation.

The ‘Puike Pruikjes’!

Local artist Hetty Bouman has created the ‘Puike Pruikje’- ‘the Well Done Wig’, especially for our Foundation. The precious bust of a lovely young girl, was made from clay and in support of our target group: women with cancer.
The beautiful statuettes each symbolise the purchase of one single quality wig and cost 850 euro.
The statuettes are handmade and part of a limited edition. The buyer receives a handwritten certificate with the corresponding number.

Join the Foundation’s Annual Day of Golf!

Would you like to take part in an exciting day at the golf course and support our Foundation at the same time? Whether you want to book a flight or enrol in one of the many clinics, our Annual Day of Golf promises to be fun! This annual charity event has been organised for many years now and each year was a great success!
What can you expect? On arrival, a delicious buffet lunch awaits you. The 18 holes shotgun is fired at 13.00 hours. On the course, finger food and drinks are being served. During the drinks, afterwards, the prizes are handed out. This is followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner and a professional DJ will subsequently transform the after-golf gathering into a swinging party!
For information and bookings, please check the website or mail to golfdag@puikvoorelkaar.nl

The ‘Puike’ Rally Experience!

Would you like to participate in our annual ‘Puike’ Rally Experience?
The rally is suited for all participants, experienced or not. If you would just like to drive a scenic tour at leisure, you are also very welcome to join. But if you are in for the competition, you have also joined the right event! The route is set out by Theo van Erkel and remains a well-kept secret every year, up to the very moment of the start of the rally.

And the winner is…
Sitting behind the wheel of a fast car has only little influence on the outcome of the rally. You should be prepared for a rally in which you can earn points in a variety of unexpected ways! A rally with a charitable colour and a lot of fun!
We understand that, after reading this, you may want more information on this great event. Please send a mail to rally@puikvoorelkaar and we will get in touch!

Pimp your ride… PINK!

Whether you arrive in an Oldtimer, Cabrio, Special or a modern car, it makes no difference! Every car is welcome! We do expect something from the participants, however. Pimp your car and perhaps yourself in the colour of our Foundation: PINK! You can earn your first points with this. You may go completely over the top: we love it!